According to the National Safety Council, in just the first six months of 2015, there were almost 2.3 million serious injuries as the result of vehicle accidents. Millions of people are injured in car, truck, or motorcycle accident on American roads every year, and sadly, thousands of accident victims ultimately die as a result of their injuries. All too often, these injuries are the result of another driver’s carelessness or negligence. In just a few seconds, a driver can make a mistake that could end up costing you or a loved one your time, resources, money, or even your life.

The Costs of a Motor Vehicle Accident Are High

The costs associated with a motor vehicle accident can be extremely high, and include expenses such as:

  • Medical bills. Car accidents can result in injuries that are serious and life-threatening. You’ll be facing medical bills from doctors, hospital stays, physical therapy, and so much more. It’s not uncommon for car accidents that result in serious injuries and hospital stays to run into the tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Vehicle replacement. When your vehicle has been damaged, you’ll need to pay to either repair or replace it. This can be a huge expense, depending on what kind of insurance you have and how much they are willing to compensate you for your vehicle (it’s often less than you expect).
  • Increases in insurance. Even if the accident isn’t your fault, your insurance rates are probably going to go up. That means you could be facing years of increase premiums, and that’s money that’s coming right out of your pocket through no fault of your own.

And that’s just the beginning. Many people end up missing work after a car accident or may even be left unable to work in the future due to their injuries. That’s additional stress and suffering, and it’s all because of someone else’s careless or negligence behind the wheel.

You Shouldn’t Pay for Someone Else’s Negligence

If you’ve been in an accident, you may have a case against the person who caused the accident. You may be able to receive compensation for your injuries as well as your pain and suffering. This can help you cover the expenses associated with the accident and focus your attention on getting better. In order to move forward with a claim, we’ll need to determine if it was another driver’s negligence that caused your accident. The most common cases of driver negligence include:

  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Texting while driving.
  • Driving over the speed limit.
  • Failing to stop at a red light or stop sign.

If you believe your accident was caused by these reasons or something similar, you may have a case. It’s important to get in touch with our team so we can help you determine the validity of your case and get started on the paperwork.

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