Civil rights are some of the fundamental rights we enjoy as United States citizens. When you are a law abiding citizen, at no point should these freedoms be taken away or reduced. If you suspect your civil rights have been violated, you should consult with a civil rights lawyer in Albany to learn if your suspicions are true, and if so what can be done to right this wrong.


Count on a Civil Rights Lawyer

Often, a civil rights lawyer is useful when you have faced discrimination of some sort. Now, not all civil rights cases are also discrimination, but nearly all discrimination cases are violations of civil laws. First, let’s define a few of the most common civil liberties every American should enjoy freely.

Common Civil Liberties

  • Freedom of conscience
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of expression
  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom of assembly
  • Freedom of press
  • Freedom from torture
  • Freedom from forced disappearance
  • Right to security and liberty
  • Right to equal treatment under law and due process
  • Right to a fair trial
  • Right to privacy
  • Right to life
  • Right to own property
  • Right to bodily integrity
  • Right to defend oneself

You can count on a civil rights and discrimination lawyer for:

  • Individual protection or group protection from civil violations or discrimination
  • Protection of freedom of speech, assembly, and religion
  • The right to due process
  • The right to submit government petitions
  • Protection for protected class discrimination (including common characteristics such as race, religion, or gender)

Is a Civil Rights Lawyer Right for You?

  • Have you faced cruel or unusual punishment at your workplace because of discrimination against one of your civil liberties?
  • Have you lost a job due to discrimination? Were you passed over for a promotion for a similar reason?
  • Have you been abused by a public official?
  • Have there been an excessive amount of searches and seizures that seem unreasonable?

Essentially, if you answered yes to any of these questions, a civil rights lawyer is right for you. Our attorneys will defend any person who has faced discrimination because of any superficial belief or quality. Even if your situation is not explicitly described here, reach out to our discrimination attorneys using the form at the bottom of the page to schedule a free case review. We will honestly tell you if you have a civil rights case or not. We want to protect you against the malicious discriminatory people in Albany.

The importance of working with a civil rights lawyer lies in the laws themselves. Our constitution protects each and every citizen of the United States for these fundamental civil liberties. It should not be tolerated at any level.

Please do not talk yourself into suffering the discrimination. All too frequently, people live with discrimination for a variety of reasons: fear of the consequences of speaking up, losing a job, whining about something small, etc. The list can go on, but this country will never see an end to discrimination as a whole if people do not speak up. Again, please fill out the form for a free case review to speak with an attorney about defending your civil rights.