When you go to a doctor or a hospital with an illness or injury, you’re putting your trust in them to determine a diagnosis and create a course of treatment that results in you feeling better. That’s the way it’s supposed to work, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Many patients go on to discover that they’ve been misdiagnosed by a medical professional, the results of which can be catastrophic for their wellbeing and quality of life. Finding the right diagnosis is key to a patient’s treatment. A misdiagnosis can result in:

  • Increased levels of pain and suffering.
  • Allowing serious illnesses to go untreated for long periods of time.
  • Irreversible damage to the patient’s body.
  • The premature death of the patient.

When the patient discovers that they’ve been misdiagnosed, chances are they’ve already been through long periods of suffering and are facing mounting medical bills. If they’d been diagnosed correctly in the first place, a lot of their trouble could have been avoided, and it’s all due to their medical professional’s failure to accurately diagnose their condition.

Have You or a Loved One Been Misdiagnosed?

A misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose is a form of medical malpractice, and it’s something that is taken very seriously by the court system and juries. Unfortunately, these cases can be difficult to prove, simply because a doctor is able to claim that they did everything they thought was necessary. You’ll need an experienced legal team on your side that understand what’s needed to prove and win a medical malpractice claim. We can navigate the complex laws surrounding these cases. We will help you to determine whether you have a claim. To do that we will need to first establish that:

  • That your doctor failed to provide the appropriate level of care. This might be the result of a number of things, including failing to ask you the right questions, not doing a proper exam, not doing the necessary testing, or failing to send samples to a lab.
  • That the misdiagnosis resulted in harm. This means that you suffered some form of injury that you would not have experienced but for the doctor’s malpractice. This is usually something above and beyond the condition that actually brought you to your medical professional in the first place. For instance, had your doctor properly diagnosed your appendicitis before your appendix ruptured, and timely removed it, your chances of a simple and quick recovery would have been very high. In stark contrast, where the appendix is not timely removed and ruptures before it is removed you may be left suffering from a complicated recovery which includes weeks or months of pain and suffering, the formation of an abdominal abscess or infection, or even sepsis or death.

Every condition and treatment has a unique standard of care and the damages that can result varies greatly. You don’t need to determine the validity of your case on your own. Our legal team will help you to understand whether you have a case based on our more than 25 years of experience handling these cases. We have recovered millions of dollars for our medical malpractice clients, and we will put that experience to work for you.

Schedule a Free Consultation on Your Misdiagnosis Case

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