According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) website, about 65% of workers in the construction industry work on scaffolding. Of those millions of workers, thousands are injured every year and dozens lose their lives in height related accidents. Scaffolding is one of the most dangerous working environments for construction workers. The main cause that’s cited in scaffolding accidents are:

  • Planks used as a base for the scaffolding giving way
  • Support for the scaffolding failing
  • Workers on the scaffolding slipping and falling off
  • Workers or scaffolding being struck by an object
  • Workers or Scaffolding being struck by falling objects

Many of the accidents that happen on or as a result of scaffolding could have been prevented if the correct safely rules had been followed. OSHA puts strict safety guidelines into place for scaffolding, and a job site that’s found not to be following those rules can be heavily fined. Worse than that, though, oversight or willfully ignoring these safety rules can result in workers being seriously injured. These injuries often go beyond the usual bumps and bruises endured by construction workers and could end up being life-changing or even fatal. If you or a loved one have been injured in a scaffolding accident, you may be entitled to compensation for those injuries or the loss of life.

In New York State employers, site managers, and property owners can be held strictly liable for injuries that occur as a result of their failure to follow proper rules and regulations. We can help you determine whether you are entitled to compensation and who you may be able to collect from.

What to Do When You’ve Been Injured in a Scaffolding Accident

First and foremost, get the medical attention that you need. Document all of your medical treatments as well as any injuries that you’ve sustained. Be sure to report your injuries and accidents to your supervisors, too, and follow company protocol. Then, as soon as possible, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. Be wary of any employer that tells you not to report the incident. Remember, a consultation with us is confidential — you have a right to speak to an attorney whether your employer wants you to or not — and we will not tell your employer about the conversation unless you decide you want to bring an action.

Whether you are an employee on the job site or you were injured while passing by or visiting the site, it’s important that you speak with an attorney. That’s because you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, lost time on your job, as well as other pain and suffering. The sooner that you contact a scaffolding personal injury lawyer, the sooner they can start gathering the necessary documentation needed to win your case. They can also interview witnesses and help prevent the insurance companies from bullying you into taking a smaller settlement. It’s important that you protect yourself and your loved one with the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible.

We Offer Free Consultations on Scaffolding Injury Cases

If you’d like to learn whether or not you have a valid case for your scaffolding injury, contact the offices of Girvin & Ferlazzo, P.C. As experienced personal injury lawyers working on cases like yours for more than 25 years in New York, we know how to fight for our clients and help them get the maximum compensation for their injuries. We have experience a trial lawyers and aren’t intimidated by the insurance companies. We work hard for our clients. You shouldn’t have to pay the bills for someone else’s negligence. Get in touch with us by giving us a call or contact us through our website and let’s schedule your free consultation today.